Fun Chocolates for All Seasons & for All Reasons  Debbie Wilson’s PAINTED Chocolates PAINTED Chocolates
Just to list a few: Gluten-free dark chocolate; Cherry chocolates; Peanut butter, mint, caramel, "Skor piece" turtles, Hazel nut, Brazil nut, Cocoanut, Irish Creme Chocolate covered Coffee Beans. 
Gift Ideas How do you choose a gift that will be sincerely appreciated? Look for something you covet yourself. At Painted Chocolates we have over 100 molds.  All Seasons & for All Reasons.  For example: hearts, flowers, wedding couple, doves, fans, rabbits, graduation items, dinosaurs, animals, wizards, stars, moons, baby showers; sucker molds in various shapes and sizes; many more. Any of these can be done in white chocolate, variety of colour chocolates, gluten-free dark and/or milk chocolate.   
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